What to do

1   Apply here

Submit an online application. If you’re a good fit we will contact you to schedule the initial interview. 

2   Interview

If the initial interview went well, a Skype interview will be arranged with Chungdahm Sejong City, Korea.

3   Job Offer

If Chungdahm Sejong City is happy with your interview, they will send you a contract offer. If you accept it, you will be asked to sign and send back the contract to the school.

4   Documents Ready

All necessary documents need to be sent to Chungdahm Sejong City, to obtain your work visa (E2 visa) confirmation number.

*  Criminal Record Check

*  Notarized Bachelor's Degree

*  Passport photo

*  Copy of passport (valid through the year in Korea)

*  Signed contract 

*  Self Assessed Health Statement 

*  Visa application form to Korea

5   Visa Process

Once your E2 confirmation number is issued from Korea, you will then take the code to the Korean consulate to receive the E-2 visa stamp in your passport.​ You need to bring :

*  Visa application form to Korean consulate in Canada

    (will be provided by us, different from the one sent to Korea in Step 4)

*  Passport photo

*  Original passport

6   Flight to Korea

Depart to Korea. We will coordinate your arrival and airport pick-up arrangements with Chungdahm Sejong City.

7   Register at Immigration

When you arrive in Korea, you will complete a full medical exam and once the results are ready, you'll visit the immigration office to apply for Alien Registration Card (ARC).

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